Intermediate Shaft Upgrades (IMS)

Upgrade your IMS

It’s well known that some Porsche 986 Boxster, 996 Carrera, and early early 987 Boxster and 997 Carrera models can be at risk of intermediate shaft bearing failure, causing major engine damage as a result.

Though this issue doesn’t affect every engine on these models, it can be a real concern among drivers. If you own one of the models listed above, your engine could be running the original Porsche IMS bearing and be at risk of potential failure and damage.

As a precautionary measure, SCSPORSCHE has a cost-effective IMS bearing upgrade service that eliminates the problem. Our qualified, Porsche-GB trained technicians use the IMS retrofit kit from LN Engineering to protect your Porsche from this potential damage and the associated engine rebuild costs that could follow.

We’re also able to fit low-temperature thermostats that reduce the bore scoring issues seen on the models listed.


For more detailed information on the signs and causes of IMS bearing failure, as well as prices for your Porsche model, and to book your IMS upgrade, contact us today.