Air Conditioning

Essential to Enjoyment

The Porsche air conditioning system is essential to the enjoyment of your car – keeping you cool and comfortable during the summer and demisting and removing moisture during the winter.

As your Porsche’s A/C makes a big difference to your driving experience all year round, it’s important to keep it properly maintained, ensuring it stays efficient and effective whenever you need it.

All our SCSPORSCHE technicians are F Gas trained and are fully qualified to service all aircon systems with an anti-bacterial treatment included. With most air conditioning services covering the removal of excess moisture, gas leak detection, and a full gas refill, the results will give your system optimum efficiency.

And if you want to convert your car’s older R12 aircon system to use the more environmentally-friendly R134A gas, our technicians are also fully trained in this process.


We recommend having your air conditioning system serviced every two years, so get in touch to schedule your service today.